Thursday 17 January 2019
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UPDATE: Ijaw Students Protest Marginalisation at Federal University Otuoke

UPDATE: Ijaw Students Protest Marginalisation at Federal University Otuoke

By Julius Bokoru


OTUOKE — Some youths of Bayelsa state and ijaw extraction Wednesday shut down parts of Otuoke town, especially the gates of Federal University Otuoke, over what they termed ‘marginalization of the ijaws on home soil’


Numbering hundreds with placards that mostly read ‘VC is Yoruba, Registrar is Delta, Deans are Igbo- where are the Bayelsans?’

the Youths who gathered under the aegis of ‘Concerned Bayelsans’  marched through the streets in what was relatively peaceful until the barricading of both gates of the lecture theaters and Administrative Buildings of the University sited in former President Goodluck Jonathan’s hometown.


SAYELBATIMES.COM correspondent at Otuoke reported that there were little scuffles between the schools security and the protestors which was later brought under control.


Investigation by SAYELBA TIMES reveals that the protest is also in solidarity with the University’s sacked former Bursar, Mrs A Atonbara, who was sacked in currently hazy circumstances. Mrs Atonbara, the only Bayelsan with a dignified position in the school has not been pleased with her sack which has demoralised other Bayelsans in the institution.


One of the Protestors Mr Okiemute Andrews said ‘we cannot be marginalised in our home soil. Is Federal University Otuoke the only Federal school in Nigeria?’

Federal University Otuoke, established in 2011 by the Goodluck Jonathan administration amongst 12 federal Universities, has one of the most Pan-Nigerian admission policies and Job creation profile in Nigeria. Its Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mobolaji Aluko, the son of the late prof Sam Aluko, is a seasoned intellectual who is being probed by the Buhari led government for  alleged misappropriation of funds.


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