Sunday 16 December 2018
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University Autonomy, the Gov Dickson and Niger Delta University Way — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

University Autonomy, the Gov Dickson and Niger Delta University Way — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

I want to commend Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State  for handing of some state assets like Bayelsa Palm Estate and the School To Land to the Bayelsa State premiere University,  the Niger Delta University as well as his plan to incorporate two companies for the University as reported by the government’s Social Media aides. It is my belief that if those assets,  especially the Bayelsa  Palm 🌴 Estate, are properly managed,  NDU would gain some appreciable level of internal Financial autonomy.

In addition to the foregoing,  I want to implore the authorities of that university to without any delays work assiduously to kick-start its already well-equipped Radio Station. Many people may not be aware of it but NDU has a well equipped Radio Station with state-of-the-art equipment acquired under the Timipre Sylva administration. If due to the passage of time some of those equipment are outdated,  then they could be upgraded to meet the times. With that station fully operational and well managed,  the University would not only earn additional revenue from it but could commence its Mass Communication Department to train more Nigerians in the fine art of communication.

Finally let me also commend the University for the production of a high quality Bottle and sachet Water. It’s long overdue. Now that they have achieved this feat, I advise them not to rest on that Laurel or begin to bask in the euphoria of having produced water. Thus, I implore the management and/or the Alumni Association to also explore the idea of producing an NDU Bread. A quality bread baked by NDU would serve all of Amassoma (including the University community)  and the neighbouring communities as well as Yenagoa and other towns,  thereby raking in huge additional revenue and employing more qualified Bayelsans.

Let the spirit of production continue to thrive. That is the key to the development of Bayelsa State.

In concluding short note, it must be noted that nothing in the foregoing should extricate the State government from meetings its obligations to the development of that all important University which is the first in the entire Ijo nation. So if nothing else, preserving NDU is part of preserving Ijo history.

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