Friday 14 December 2018
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The Growing Cancer in Yenagoa — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

The Growing Cancer in Yenagoa — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

Kpansia, one of the communities that makes up Yenagoa City, the Bayelsa State capital is slowly committing suicide silently without many of its indigenes showing signs that they are aware or care.


Before now and I assume even up to this moment if you ask many Real Estate agents in Yenagoa of where you could buy the best and most genuine lands in Yenagoa, a vast majority of them would unanimously say “Kpansia”. This is because the community has a reputation of being organized and sincere in their dealings concerning land. This has attracted a lot of respect for Kpansia people from many residents of Yenagoa.


While the community had gained respect from Bayelsans and non-indigenes for their level of organization and honestly, that seems to be changing as an army of mostly Teenage Armed robbers now seem to reign supreme in Kpansia without any response from the Community and the security agencies. Today it is common sight to see a horde of armed bandits raiding streets like INEC Road, in Kpansia shouting “Arrow Mates” in what these wastes of birth call “Treasure Hunts”. It seems when these nitwits that would have been better aborted by their mothers watched History Channel ‘s Vikings Saga TV series, the only thing they learned is armed robbery.


The negative externality that this would have on Kpansia is that many residents would start thinking of relocating out of it. And if they face the same experience in their new homes due to a combination of government incompetence and unresponsiveness to the security needs of its citizens, they would just leave Yenagoa for good so that only Government officials who could afford personal security details could remain in the town.


Before rounding off, it should be noted that Kpansia is not the only community experiencing this menace of Cult induced armed robberies. Many others from Amarrata to Edepie, to Akenpia and Agudama to name a few also suffer this sorry fate. Still the frequency and the impunity with which the raids occur on INEC road ate what earned that once beautiful community the distinction of becoming the title and subject of this piece.


In the absence and even in the presence of effective Policing from the Federal Government controlled Nigerian Police and other security agencies, I call on the various internal governmental agencies in the community like the Community Development Committee (CDC) Youth Council, Elders and the Chiefs Council to swing into action by setting up the proper community security organs that could punish these criminals. Many of the kingpins of these robbery gangs must be known by the members of the community. So it would not be difficult to stop them if the community is serious and sincere.

If real and serious actions are not taken today to stop this social cancer before it grows and spread, then I am afraid in a short while Yenagoa would not be different from Omoku under the reign of Don wani or the Ghost Town that the once thriving Warri city.

The time to act was yesterday, today is even late. Still if we act fast the situation could be remedied.

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