Thursday 17 January 2019
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Word on the streets of Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State Capital, has it that Governor Henry Seriake Dickson is angry at the moment. In fact, he has declared a new order of intolerance to the shenanigans of some of his former friends. Some observes have interpreted this to mean a declaration of Dickson’s Independence from President Goodluck Jonathan and the Governor’s political ‘Bar Mitzvah’.

It was said that yesterday during the “Transparency Briefing” – a term used to describe one of the Governor’s rituals; where he tells the People whatever he likes and expects no critical response, given that the audience is often made up of handpicked Allelujah Boys and Girls – the Governor announced the revocation of some contracts his government had earlier awarded to some of his erstwhile friends and backers, citing non-performance (explicitly) and disloyality (implicitly) as reasons for his action.

In an Amaechisque move, the Ex-Cop announced:

“all the kinds of characters I have been tolerating, those days are gone. This is a new order. Most of the so-called people in Abuja from this state are major beneficiaries of our restoration government.

‘If you have power, use it for the good for our state. A number of them have big contracts, which were given to them; which they have abandoned. And very soon, I am going to tell our people who most of those characters are. I hereby announce the cancellation of the contract for the construction of a model hospital in Kaiama that our government awarded to the company nominated by Hon. Waripamowei Dudafa, which he has abandoned. The Commissioner for Health will re-award it to someone who will complete it. Also the contract awarded to Hon. Bekes Etifa is hereby terminated and the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure should re-award it.

‘It is only our own politicians, who when they leave here for Abuja, don’t know that they have an obligation to support the home government. They think that development is only a matter for the government to do. And even as a government, we are trying our best to change our state in a way they cannot ever imagine. What do they do? They stay afar and throw stones. They engage in blackmail and spread propaganda.”

From the foregoing it should be crystal clear to the initiated that more than anything else, the alleged “blackmail and spread of Propaganda” against the Restoration Government can be deduced as the main reason for the unceremonious cancellation of the contracts.

At this juncture, I implore you to please ignore the inconsistency in the Governor’s statement on the Dudafa bit. I know you will be wondering why the Governor in the same sentence said Dudafa NOMINATED a company and at the same time said he gave the contract to the same Dudafa. Strike that! It is not important.

Governor Dickson then reiterated for added effects “With this development the contracts awarded to the Special Adviser on Domestic Matters to President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Dudafa Waripamowei and former Commissioner on Youth and Conflict Resolution, Chief Bekes Etifa have been revoked over non-performance.”

For those who are not familiar with the man called Chief Bekes Etifa, he was a Commissioner in the Chief Timipre Sylva Administration,  before joining forces with Dickson and others to sack it, just as Governor Dickson also served in the then Governor Jonathan’s Cabinet as Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General leading to the Law Library Books Scandal in which he(Dickson) is the key accused person. Tell me about non-performance on contracts! Chief Etifa was/is the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic Ekowe, an institution that he and his lieutenants have been running aground for years without producing a single OND(2 years course) graduate, since 2007, despite receiving Billions of Naira. Instead all the institution has produced are EFCC cases and the Murder of a member of the Worker’s Union. So this is the man, Gov Dickson, who must know him very well decided to award contract while ignoring competent indigenous firms like Megastar, FAK, Lubrik.(See also…/)

Since many Unbelievers and non-knights of Saint Dickson like sincerely yours are not invited to ask questions in the so called Transparency Briefings that are usually held at the Banquet Hall of the Government House, a controlled Environment, we can only ask our questions from afar- no stones please!

Already, a veteran Broadcaster and Media Personality Tari Joshua has asked some of the questions I had in mind in SAYELBA(By the way, if you are an Ijaw person and you are not yet a member of SAYELBA or liked our page you are doing yourself a great disservice).

Thus, rather than needlessly reinvent the wheel, I shall now adopt his questions verbatim.

He asked:

1. How were the contracts awarded? Was Due Process (that is a competitive Tender and Bid Process before Award) used? I ask because the governor said the hospital at Kaiama was awarded to a company that Dudafa introduced…

2. If Dudafa and Etifa were still supporting his government, would he (Gov Dickson) had embarrassed them(i.e revoked their contracts) on public?

3. Would Bayelsans have known that contracts were even awarded to these two top politicians if not for their sudden opposition to his(Dickson’s) government and the internal crisis in PDP?

4. Why did the Governor REVOKE only TWO “abandoned “contracts (in a State that is dotted with numerous abandoned Projects)? What about other ABANDONED contracts too numerous to mention…especially, the ones with links to him, his family and cronies?” Mr Joshua’s questions end.

I shall now add a few of my mine.

5. What is the Total Contract Sum for the Contracts being revoked? After all, that is the sort of transparent answer we would expect from a real Transparency Briefing.

6. What is the Amount of money the Government has paid to the duo so far?

7. What is the Level of Work done so far by the embattled Politicians/companies?

8. Is it legal/morally justifiable for the Governor to award contracts to a setting aide of the President?

9. Were the said projects not instruments of patronage dispensed by Governor Dickson to those Politicians after they joined him to remove former Governor Sylva?

10. Will the Government be prosecuting them for breach of contract and defrauding the State?

11. If the answer to (10) above is in the affirmative, then When will the litigation commence?

12. If No to (10.) above then why?

The answers the Governor and his people, including his Apologists could sincerely provide to the dozen questions above will put Governor Dickson’s current action in its proper perspective.

Finally, even though a part of me fancies the Governor’s revocation of these contracts that ought not to have been awarded to these guys in the first place to the total neglect of competent firms, if he does not extend same to his friends, Godfather and relatives, then this will just be another action that will add to Bayelsan’s perception of him as a chronic hypocrite.

Good morning this rainy Afternoon.

Fortune God’sSon Alfred (c) 23/05/2015

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