Friday 14 December 2018
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Gov Dickson’s Aide Needs To Apologize For insulting Bayelsans — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

Gov Dickson’s Aide Needs To Apologize For insulting Bayelsans  — By Fortune God’sSon Alfred

I write to register my absolute disgust and repudiation of a needless and supremely puerile sycophantic statement made by the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Niger Delta Affairs to the Governor of Bayelsa State, Kennedy West which says all those who are not satisfied with the level of development in Bayelsa State under the Restoration government need Psychological evaluation to have their heads checked.


As an employee of the Bayelsa State Governor, I do not expect him to have anything negative to say about the government, yet I more especially don’t expect him to insult the people whose commonwealth is used to pay him, because they do not see things from his sycophantic prism.


Ordinarily, I would have reached Kennedy privately to register my disdain for his uncharitable misguided statement against patriotic Bayelsans, that couldn’t be quoted out-of context, given that I heard the voice addition to the new item with my own perfect ears on the 12noon bulletin of Rhythm 94.7 news, but since his was in the public domain, I see no cogent reason why I should do so.


Being a Niger Delta activist(or so I thoughts) I expected Kennedy to know that Bayelsa, his home state Rivers and the entire Niger Delta are way too far away from the level of all round development that could warrant such bold, yet hollow declarations. As advanced as the United States of America is, citizens still express dissatisfaction with the level of development of their County, City, State and country without any any Public office holder coming to ask them to check their brains to ascertain if they are well. So Mr West’s statement is a screaming shame that should never come from someone as enlightened and desirous of the progress of the Ijo nation and the Niger Delta as I thought he’s.


I am not against him felicitating and commending his boss for any achievements he thinks the latter has recorded in the last six years. It is within his inalienable right to do so. What I find most repugnant and objectionable is his brazen attack on the psyche and intelligence of Bayelsans who dare to expect more from government and the State.


I am therefore calling on him to withdraw that statement and render an unequivocal apology to all Bayelsans for his mindless and needless insult and assault on us.


Nevertheless, it is within his right to insist that his insult is justified, but posterity shall be our judge. For the ignoble things we think, say or do today in the service of political-economic interests are recorded in the hearts of men and in the sands of time.


I doubt if even the Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson on whose behalf he made that statement would make such statements knowing that development is a process and not a project. Thus, development is an evolutionary process that no State could claim to have attained and thus stopped striving for more. So it beats my wildest imaginations that anymore would insult Bayelsans who want more. I was at my old neighborhood in Lagos, Ajah last week and couldn’t recognize it due to the massive transformation that has taken place in just a short while. Yet even Ambode cannot convince himself that any Lagosian who is not satisfied with his achievements so far is retarded and need to check their brains.

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